How To Build A Garden Fence

Do you want to construct a garden fence? Do deer frequently visit your farm? Deer are one of the most pleasant animals you will ever come across. But they can cause huge damages to your farm. A single deer might not cause considerable damage. But what about 40 or 50? In that situation, you might give up growing anything without a garden fence. We have compiled some few steps that will help you construct a reliable garden. Without further ado, let’s start.

Required Supplies For Building A Garden Fence

  • Wooden fence posts
  • Fencing staples
  • Hardware cloth
  • Zip ties

Steps on How To Build A Garden Fence


Choose The Right Type Of Fencing

This is the most important step you should never ignore. How can you determine the right type of fencing for your garden? You should consider the following factors:

  • Size
  • Style of your garden
  • Shape

After analyzing all these factors, you should choose the best style that suits your garden. Do you know that there are numerous range to choose from? While some people prefer picket fencing, some prefer installing overlap. After all, it depends on the level of privacy you are looking for. In addition, you need to choose what you love most.


Select The Right Posts

Do you want to install wooden or concrete posts? There are several downsides on both fencing styles. With that in mind, you should make a wise decision if you want to install either. You might be aware that post supports are small metal containers. Normally, they are fixed into the ground. What about concrete supports? They mainly ensure that you have a good strong fence. Keep in mind that you have to invest more in labor to build these garden fences.

It is good to know that wooden posts can rot if not properly installed. At the same time, the concrete fence will be difficult to handle.


Calculate Your Post Lengths

Do you know the exact posts you are going to use? That is the best time to start your calculations. If you are using wooden types that are normally sunk, then it would be better if you purchase posts that are not less than two meters. They should be strong and long when compared to fence panels. In case of bolt down sockets, they should be of the same height as your panels. Never forget cabling. What is the main essence of this? You can end up installing a faulty garden fence. Remember that it should happen only if you are using spikes.


How Many Panels Do You Need?

Standards fence panels are usually six feet wide. The best way to do it is to measure the distance of the garden you want to fence. From there, you should divide it by six. The results will be the number of panels you need. Always remember to purchase an extra post. What is the main reason behind this? You might be required improve the overall security of both ends. Be guaranteed that you will have a neat finish.


Prepare Your Garden

Before you begin installing your fence, it is important to clear your garden completely. Also, it is advisable to treat your fence panels. This will ensure that they don’t rot. Nowadays, many people are adding a protective strain on the fence panels before installing them. You need a good firm setting. It should be free of weeds and tree roots. Therefore, you should be prepared for extra work.


Fix Your Posts In Concrete

All the holes should be three times wide as the post itself. The hole should be 15 inches wide when the post is 5 inches. What about the deepness? It should be two feet deep. With a plumb line, mark your fencing. You can use a ram to provide a solid footing. Afterwards, you can mix the concrete. After pouring the concrete, use a wooden batten. This will ensure that you have a tamped and neat finish.


Fix The Panels

Your fence panels will rot if you keep them off the floor. That is the reason why you should put treated gravel boards in situ. In such situations, you should have gravel boards in place. All that you need to make sure is that your fence panels can slide in place.

If you want to add fencing to a slope, then all the panels should be horizontal. This means that your fencing will look more natural.

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